School Assembly & Events Magician

Making School Assemblies and Special Events Magical.

Chicago's Magical Funnyman™ weaves his own unique blend of incredible magic and mind-reading with clean comedy and fun audience interaction into a performance that is packed with equal parts and "WOW" and "LOL".

More than just a magician, he's a genuine entertainer and all-around funny guy. A lifetime of experience in magic, combined with a background in theater and improvisational comedy, ensures that each show is a "one of a kind" entertainment experience that keeps students laughing and engaged. His quick-wit and playful on-stage personality gives him the unique ability to connect with audiences of all ages and makes him a favorite at countless school assemblies and special events throughout the greater Chicago area.

The combination of comedy magic, mind-reading, and illusion, mixed with fun stunts and audience involvement, creates the perfect entertainment for any variety of occasions, such as assembly programs, family fun nights, school fairs & carnivals, after school programs, summer programs, reward incentives, and holiday programs.

School Programs

Colleges and Universities

A high-energy performance of mind-blowing magic, shocking mind-reading, and hilarious comedy stunts and gags, with lots of audience participation, that is guaranteed to engage and captivate!

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High School Assembly

Highlights include cunning magical stunts, mind-reading, and laugh-out-loud comedy, with plenty of audience participation and pranks of both teachers and students, that is guaranteed to engage and amaze!

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Middle School Assemblies

An exciting and engaging program of comedy magic and mayhem, with surprising illusions, incredible mind-reading, and participation of both student and teacher, that is guaranteed to amaze and captivate!

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Elementary School Assembly

A lively and animated comedy performance, including fun and funny acts of magical mischief, with humorous high jinks, involving both teacher and student participation, guaranteed to charm and delight!

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Magical Entertainment for All Ages

Performing Comedy Magic Acts for Audiences of All Ages, our Chicago Magician has the skill to Engage and Entertain Children, Teens, and Adults!

Entertainment for Adults

With Sleight-of-hand Magic, Mind-reading, and Clean Comedy!

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Children's Magic Shows

With Tons of Fun for Kids of All Ages (that even Adults will enjoy)!

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All-Ages Magic Shows

With abundant Amazement and Amusement for the Entire Family!

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