Close-Up Magic

A mix of magic, mind-reading, and tasteful humor, performed up-close and personal!

The perfect way to set the mood for your next event, our magician makes sure your everyone starts having fun, right away, as he works the crowd, mixing and mingling with your party guests.

The real trick to creating a truly special event is to make sure your guests start having fun right away; minutes after they arrive. This is when our close up magician steps in and works his magic. With skilled sleight-of-hand magic, mind-boggling mentalism, and tasteful humor, our magician will delight your guests, a few people at a time, with their very own 5 to 10 minute high-energy "mini" magic show.

Your guests become the key players in the fun as cards appear and disappear, minds are read, and an audience member's diamond ring disappears, then reappears, safely clipped to our magician's key ring! Plus many more magical surprises!

Close-up Magic Performance Options:

Whether performing Mix & Mingle Magic or Table-side Magic, for small groups of guests at a time, or a Formal Close-up Show before the whole gathering, our magician will fill the room with laughter and gasps of amazement!


For events where guests will be mixing and mingling, your magician will mix and mingle with them. The magician will move freely around your event, mixing and mingling with your guests, performing intimate 5-10 minute "mini" magic shows, for a few people at a time. This is a great entertainment choice for larger events (groups of 60 or more).


For events where guests will be seated at tables, your magician will entertain each table with their own, mini magic show. The magician moves from table to table (typically before or after a meal), where guests are seated. He performs a 5-10 minute mini magic show at each table. This is an ideal entertainment option for larger events (groups of 60 or more).


The magician sets up a small table and your guests sit in chairs, up close, in front of the magician. He performs a 30-45 minute close-up magic show for the entire group. This is an ideal performance option for smaller gatherings (groups of 50 or fewer).

More than just a magician, our close-up magic performer is a genuine entertainer and all-around funny guy. A lifetime of experience in magic, combined with a background in theater and improvisational comedy, ensures that each performance is a "one of a kind" entertainment experience that keeps audiences laughing and engaged. His quick-wit and playful personality gives him the unique ability to connect with any audience and makes him a favorite at private events throughout the greater Chicago area.

What Clients Are Saying About Our Close-Up Magic

"Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the magic at our holiday party. You were able to engage the whole group and made us all laugh. You helped to make the event a success."

Barb L., Rosemont, IL
"It was great working with you! The guests really enjoyed your performance. Thanks again!"

Jenny A., Chicago, IL
"Your performance was a real crowd-pleaser. Your magic was delightful. You had the crowd gathered around you throughout the event. The great participatory tricks instantly loosened up our crowd and got them mingling. Your sleight of hand had everyone in attendance mesmerized."

"The Auxiliary Board highly recommends you and will definitely be using you for future events. You were an integral part of creating two successful charity events."

Nicole H., Chicago, IL
"Your magic was just delightful. The magical tricks and your wonderful humor were truly enjoyed by all."

La Verne R., Lake County, IL
"I just wanted to let you know that we loved the performance! We all had a great time. Thank you so much!"

Rachael G.,La Grange, IL

Magical Entertainment for All Ages

Performing Comedy Magic Acts for Audiences of All Ages, our Chicago Magician has the skill to Engage and Entertain Children, Teens, and Adults!

Entertainment for Adults

With Sleight-of-hand Magic, Mind-reading, and Clean Comedy!

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Children's Magic Shows

With Tons of Fun for Kids of All Ages (that even Adults will enjoy)!

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All-Ages Magic Shows

With abundant Amazement and Amusement for the Entire Family!

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