Mind Games & M.A.G.I.C. - College Alcohol Awareness Presentation
an entertaining exploration of the link between perception and decision making with measurable results


"Your roving and stage magic proved to be an excellent addition to our Welcome Week activities. You obviously love your work and it was truly a pleasure to see you communicate this to the hundreds of students with whom you came in contact."

Clemson University

John Fabjance Performs his Mind Games & M.A.G.I.C. Anywhere on Campus - No Stage Required! There are no traditional staging needs because 'he goes where they are'. John seeks out his audience - and he finds them! He is perfectly comfortable going anywhere on your campus where students gather: cafeterias, classrooms, dorms, nooners, cookouts, student unions, in line for class registration, and all points in-between.

Going from person to person, table to table accomplishes two important objectives-- it makes a greater impact on students, encouraging them to interact and participate, and it blows away table tents and posters as effective promotion if you do opt for a traditional evening performance.

In a non-intimidating John Fabjance's Mind Games & M.A.G.I.C. can help bring students to a new awareness of the power of perception and its influence on behavior. This new self-awareness can provide students with a more accurate perspective from which they can examine their past and present beliefs about responsible alcohol consumption more critically in order to make better life decisions in the future.

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